Mason | Long Island Newborn Photography

And now what you all have been waiting for (haha, okay fine, just me) my new little nephew Mason! I should actually say, my Godson. Something I can't say without a smile permeating across my face. Man, such an honor! I should also note this is the first baby in my family so he has kinda been a deal over here.

I'm sure you'll notice is how simple my images are. I love pure, natural newborn photography. Babies are only this small for such a short amount of time and I love to capture all those tiny details without a lot of busy distractions in the way.

Little Mase here was only 7 days old:

Such long legs on this little guy.

Think I'm done with the pictures? Ahaha, I broke up this entry into two post as to not bombard with photos...just scroll down to see some more! This auntie couldn't help herself when it came to picking out pictures for the blog. He was just the perfect little model and I loved all the pictures! 



Mason pt 2 | Long Island Newborn Photography

And here are some more! :] Like I mentioned in the previous post, I like simple and natural baby photography. Babies dictate my sessions and I let them naturally fall into a pose and find that to be so beautiful!

Just look at these squishy lips:
Swoon!! Aren't babies just the best subjects? 

If you stuck around through two posts-you rock!
Thank you so much for reading and letting me gush about this sweet boy who has stolen my heart!


My Sister's Construction Themed Baby Shower | Long Island, New York

[*I figured it would make sense to blog my Sister's baby shower before I posted my most recent shoot, being my nephew's.]

My Sister planned on using construction as the theme for her nursery (as her husband works in construction), my Mother and I thought it would be neat to also make this her theme for the shower. Despite the untraditional theme, I knew I could really run with it and add little details that would make for a unique baby shower. When I went online I didn't find as many ideas that I thought I would. I kept finding just cars, but we were looking to use more construction trucks rather than just cars.

After thinking about wanting to use Tonka Trucks around her party, I noticed on an Etsy listing in which the poster was using a Tonka a planter. I thought why don't we put fresh flowers in the bed of a truck to use as the centerpiece.

We actually sourced the flowers out to a florist. But this is a totally do-able project. We almost did it ourselves but ended up not having enough time in the end. Tonkas ended up being too expensive, so we found the these trucks off of Amazon and had a florist make arrangements to fit inside of them. I'm really happy with the way they turned out! I had nothing to go by except what I was picturing in my head so I am so glad they turned out great and not crazy. 

While discussing the theme with my cousin, she mentioned having a friend who recently made a diaper cake in the shape of a truck! I contacted her and commissioned one and it was so adorable! 

Could not of loved it more! I loved the sweet details, like the license plate (the baby's name was kept a secret). I'm pretty sure my sister still has it in the nursery to this day. 

To add to the construction theme, I decided to make little toothpick construction signs to stick in cheese platters that were put out. These had to be the easiest to make. 

I made a couple in photoshop with a silhouette of a pregnant woman on them saying "Bump" and one that said "Under Construction". Again, super easy to do and really added to the theme. Many came up to me telling me how cute they were. I simply put the images in a Word document and copied and pasted it several times. Then cut them out and glue them to a tooth pick and BAM done. I also made bigger ones and stuck them around the room and on tables. 

"Hope you had LOADS of fun!" 
Even though the favor didn't follow the construction theme, I made little tags with a witty thank you on them to wrap around. Again, super super easy, I don't even think I used Photoshop, MS Word again.

My Sister's best friend made this, incredible right? It fits the construction themed shower so well!

All in all, it was a beautiful party and I had way too much fun planning it. I figured I would post it for anyone looking for ideas for a similar themed party. 


Just some added information in case anyone is wondering.
The baby shower was held at the Milk and Sugar Cafe (in the Victorian Room) in Bayshore, Long Island. I could not recommend them more! They were so easy to work with and the venue is so beautiful! 

Also, you can get the diaper truck from Arndt's & Crafts. Which you can find on Facebook.
If you'd like more information, just ask :)
Thanks for looking!


Amanda | Astoria, New York Newborn Photography

So, to start off blogging my sessions it is only right to show my first session ever. Amanda was my first newborn to photograph.
She was such a sweet, delicate, peanut!

I learned so much from this session that I was able to take and put into my other sessions. For starters, she was just so intrigued with everything going on that she did not want to sleep. Not at all! I am just so grateful and happy with the first picture posted above. I finally won in the end and got a few shots of her asleep.

It really was no big deal that she was awake for most of her session because just look at her gorgeous baby blues...

It was a win-all-around.  

I really appreciate Amanda's parents for allowing me to come into their home and love on her!


Jumping in.

It is about time I actually sit down and write on this little page here in cyberspace. For months I have edited and edited this page, never feeling as though it was truly finished. Always thinking…I just have to finish x, y & z and then it will be perfect. It’s not perfect and it won’t be. I just need to stop tinkering and jump in. Which is scary. This whole thing is scary, probably why I waited seven months to even post in here.

So, the business cards have been ordered and delivered, this blog is set-up (at least for as much as I can do), and now I jump in and get this going. What that entails, I have no clue. But I am excited. I have never felt this desire, this drive, to do something more in my life. 

It is official blog, I am jumping in.

I'm Nicole! I am twenty-five years old and just started this blog to document my venture at photographing babies. My whole life I have loved children and knew I would someday be working with them. When my very first camera was placed into my hands I knew that I wanted to be behind a camera for the rest of my life. So naturally photographing babies is my dream come true! There is nothing more precious, perfect or pure then a baby. The newborn stage is such a fleeting time, that is so important to capture every little detail of these cherubs before it is too late.

I'm so excited to start this new endeavor and would love to photograph your new little one! I am currently located in Astoria, Queens New York but am willing to travel anywhere on Long Island or the New York City metro area. If you have questions please feel free to email me at nhuntphotography@gmail.com
Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

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